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Prepare yourself for some serious glow. Today's review is of Sleek's Highlighting Palette in shade Solstice. Everyone has been raving about this palette and I wasn't even that interested in it. Until I saw it in the store and actually swatched it in person. I immediately knew that I'm gonna love it.

I didn't knew that this palette had such a sleek packaging. It's metallic gold looking, actually plastic, and it has magnetic closing. Because of the shiny packaging this gets dirty in no time. 

In it you also get a full mirror, which is helpful if you're applying makeup on the go. Mini brush is useless, because it's really stiff and scratchy. In it is 9 grams of products and I got it for 13.99€.

In the palette you get four shades of highlighter. Three are powder and one is a cream version. They also have a darker version of this palette. This one is for fair and light to medium skin tones.

Ecliptic is rose champagne shade. It looks really dark in the pan but goes on sheerer and has a very light pink white reflection to it. It looks a bit less reflective than all the other shades. Texture is creamy, smooth and it applies nicely. It's not too greasy that it would make it slide all over the face.

Hemisphere looks scarily lavender in the pan, but is in fact a light lavender shade with a very bright white reflection. It has a dry texture to it. To me it feels like baked blushes in a way.

Subsolar is the lightest shade. It's slightly yellow toned, barely noticeable, and it has very reflective white sheen to it. Texture is a bit wet like and it's the most pigmented of these all.

Equinox is a very light peach with a white sheen. It's the same baked like dry formula as Hemisphere.

If you have fair skin tone, Subsolar is perfect for you. I'd say it has just a bit of warm yellow tone to it, but it has a very cool sheen to it in general. Hemisphere has a tiny bit of lavender tone to it and a very cool white sheen. It's perfect for light to medium skin tones. Equinox is a bit darker, because of the peach undertone and I've been using it now that I still have some tan. But it also has a very cool white sheen. It's more for light to medium skin tones. Ecliptic is also a bit darker because of the champagne pink undertone and it's again more suitable for light to medium skin tones. This one has a bit less reflective sheen, but it's still cool toned. It's a bit more natural looking as others.

Keep in mind that those are heavy swatches. 

If you blend these out or just apply them lightly, you almost can't tell a difference between them. They all have a very reflective white sheen to it, which essentially makes them all very similar. The undertones in each gives it just a bit of yellow, peach, pink or lavender undertone. But it's very subtle.

They all have tiny shimmer in it and there's no visible glitter in them, just a lovely sheen.

I am fascinated by the look of these on the skin. Most highlighters have a strong powdery base which leaves some sort of shade on your skin. These almost look transparent and give you an insane reflection. It's the most reflective highlighters I've ever tried.

They are all well pigmented and stay on my face for the whole day. All powders are super reflective, but can be sheered down to a light glow from within or build up to a serious metallic shine.

I applied all of these in hopes of showing you how they look like on the skin. Unfortunately my camera doesn't really show the difference between them. Once applied, they actually look very similar in real life too.





I also compared it to some of my other highlighters.

Essence Soo Glow! Cream to Powder Highlighter in 10 Look On The Bright Side is almost as white as Subsolar, but it has just slightly light gold sheen to it. Essentially it's warmer, but still looks very cool in general and white based. Essence LE Metal Glam Highlighter Powder in 01 Gold Digger is also really metallic, but not as white as Subsolar. It's a lighter gold shade and a lot warmer. Essence LE Merry Berry Highlighter Powder in 01 I Love My Golden Pumps is a lot more natural, less reflective and more neutral light champagne shade. It's slightly pinkier and less metallic version than Essence Metal Glam one. theBalm Mary-Lou Manizer is the darkest of this selection and has the most champagne base which almost looks peachy compared to others. It's also a lot warmer than Subsolar.

None are dupes for Subsolar. Essence Soo Glow! Cream to Powder Highlighter in 10 Look On The Bright Side has the most similar white base, but it's just slightly warmer (yellow gold) and it doesn't have enough of reflective particles. In terms of reflectivness or shine, Essence LE Metal Glam Highlighter Powder in 01 Gold Digger, is the closest to it, but still not enough reflective.

Essence Pure Nude Highlighter in 10 Be My Highlight has the most similar peach base to Equinox, but is a lot more subtle, has very small shimmer and doesn't have that white sheen or shine to it. It's like if you'd put white shimmer on top of Essence Pure Nude.

I think this palette is absolutely worth the money. Some individual highlighters cost more than this palette of fours. They are all well pigmented, have crazy reflection, good lasting power and can be applied sheer or bold. You get one cream and three powders. I would have liked to seen a bit more variations in terms of shades. For example some shades could have golden sheen instead of the white. They all have cool white sheen to them, but just have different base tones. I try to match them with the tone of my makeup. For example, for bronzy and warm looks, I would use Equinox and for plum looks, I would use Hemisphere. If you're on a hunt for crazy reflective highlighters that still look natural in a way (a bit transparent on the skin) then this palette is definitely calling your name, 

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12 komentarji

  1. Ta paletka me mika že nekaj časa. Sem vedela, da ko bom prebrala tvojo objavo, si jo bom želela še bolj.:) Super objava drugače! ;)

    1. Meni se vsekakor zdi vredna denarja. Zdaj, ko jo lahko sprobaš v trgovini, pa še toliko bolje :). Hvala :).

  2. Klišejsko, ampak these are brighter than my future :D Če ti fotoaparat tako dobro pobere highlighter, potem so v živo super šajni. Nekako me je najbolj pritegnil prav vijala odtenek, ker po barvni teoriji vem, da bi lahko zelo poživil bolj brezvezno polt kot je moja :)

    1. Haha, to pa prvič slišim. :D Si moram zapomniti. Še res je :). Res so izredno shiny. Ampak vseeno ne izgledajo over the top kovinski. To mi je najbolj všeč pri teh, da so skoraj malo prozorni. A ti razmišljaš kot lavender concealer za brightening..zanimivo. Drugače je Subsolar tudi hit. Predvsem za res svetlopolte se mi zdi primeren, ker je še vedno izredno shiny in se ne bo izgubil na koži.

  3. FUUUUL so dobri <3

    Jaz sem čisto navdušena :)

    1. Res najbolj sijoči osvetljevalci :). Lahko bi jih nosila ponoči kot odsevnike :D.

  4. gorgeous palette!
    but those brushes *.* where did you get it?

    1. Oh those are just some rose gold brush sets from Ebay. They're not good quality, but I'm sure you can find some descent ones, if you research a bit more on Ebay :). They look nice like props on my photos :D.

  5. I have this palette as well and really like it. I also have the molten metals one, but I prefer this! :D xx

    1. Molten Metals seemed a bit too dark for me, so I went for this one. Subsolar is definitely an eye catcher in here. Great palette :).

  6. Great post! I'm very tempted by this palette. I also LOVE your eye look in your Subsolar swatch photos! Would you mind telling me what you used? :)

    1. Thank you. <3 It's a nice quality palette and if you like most shades, is worth the money :). I think I wore Avon True Colour Matte Eyeshadow Quad in Au Naturale on those photos. Pretty sure it was that :).