Review: Nuxe Huile Prodigieuse Or Multi-Purpose Dry Oil


Thanks to Sandra I got my hands on this shimmery beauty. I am already a huge fan of the regular Nuxe Huile Prodigieuse oil. It has such a lovely texture, scent and works great on my face. This Or version is shimmery and perfect for the body.

It comes in a glass square bottle with golden metal top. In it is 50 ml of product and it costs around 20€. It has a little hole that drops out the product. You can control how much product you want.  I stills think that spray versions would be more useful. 

In general it's the same formula as the regular version, but it also has added shimmer. I won't go into details of ingredients, you can read about them here

In the oil is very small golden bronze shimmer. It looks absolutely stunning in the bottle. Once you apply it on the skin it gives it shine from the oil and some sparkle from the shimmer. In the shadow it just looks shiny, but on direct sunlight it looks reflective and shimmery. Shimmer is very small, subtle and sparse. It still gives the skin a lovely sheen.

Here you can see how it reflects the light. It's subtle, but gives just enough sheen. Up close you can notice shimmer in sunlight, in shadow, not so much. 

Formula is again that dry oil, which doesn't look or feel greasy, but gives the skin nourishment and shine. It soaks into the skin really quickly. On the sun it looks stunning and is perfect for adding glow. This is especially pretty in summer time and on tanned skin. I love using this on my legs to give them some more dimension as well as on my chest and arms. It's almost a makeup product, but it still gives you some nourishment and care. You can also use it on hair or face. I only use this one for my body and I use regular version for face and sometimes hair. 

It has lovely nutty oriental scent that stays on the skin. I adore this scent. It's subtle, but still noticeable. 

This is probably not a must have product for everyone, but if you like shimmery products for the skin, you'll love this one. Regular version is perfect for colder days and you can rock this shimmery version in hotter months. Besides the shimmer, it also nourishes the skin, doesn't stay greasy and smells divine. So it's essentially a highlighter, skin care and perfume all in one product. 

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4 komentarji

  1. Sama imam tega bolj za takrat ko so moji lasje resno izsušeni, ker je ena izmed redkih stvari, ki deluje hitro in učinkovito. Za telo ga pa zbezam ven samo parkrat poleti, ker mi da malo barve, mi je šimer že kar preveč, ker konča povsod. Navadnega pa seveda še vedno uporabljam vsak dan :) se pa strinjam glede embalaže - če že kupuješ so tisti s sprejem milje lažji za uporabo.

    1. Mene pa začuda ne moti ta šimer. Mogoče zato ker je poletje. Drugače ga verjetno itak ne bom uporabljala. Je pa res, da se po uporabi ravno nebi ulegla na posteljo :D. Sicer mene ta brez spraja ne moti za obraz, pri tej shimmer verziji bi pa bilo bolj priročno špricati direktno na telo. :)

  2. I recently got the Nuxe Rêve de miel lipbalm and I love it as well. Nuxe is a very great brand :)

    1. I had lip balm too and it wasn't bad. But I liked it more for underneath the lipsticks. Otherwise it wasn't enough greasy for my liking :). They have a lot of great products. I want their perfume, because it smells like this oil. It's gorgeous :).