Review: By Nanda Three Color Blush (S01)


Hey Beauties!

By Nanda is a brand that I found on Born Pretty Store. I already reviewed their BB Cushion, which I absolutely loved. Today I'll talk about their three color blush.

It comes in a very cute paper box with cupcakes on. Cupcakes are actually my favorite sweets to bake. You can always count on cute Asian packaging. 

The blush is made of pink plastic with transparent lid. It's actually huge for a blush. It's almost bigger then my compact powders. 

It costs 3.99$ and you can get it here.

It's a baked blush, which means it should have great pigmentation and would also last you for a long time. I chose the lightest shade S01, because I really wanted something subtle. I have so many pigmented and bright blush. 

This shade has pink, light gold and orange stripes. All of the shades are light, but not as light as I expected. 

I swatched all the shades separately and then all together. So from left to right it's: pink, gold, orange and all together. 

Pink is quit warm toned and the least pigmented. Gold is very light shade and could almost be unnoticeable on my fairly light skin. Orange is actually the most pigmented, but it's light and looks more like peach. It's also the most shimmery. When you swirl them together you get a coral shade, which is more peach than pink. Because orange is the most pigmented it also stands out the most.

I am in love with this blush shade. It's the lightest blush shade I own. I love the fact that it has small shimmer in it, which makes it look very healthly glowy. This is especially nice for those colder days when blush instantly makes you look plumped. I almost think of it as highlighting blush. Gold shade could easily be a highlighter. Mixed together you get a highlighting blush and you can skip two steps and just do one in your makeup routine. 

I also decided to compare it with Milani Baked Blush in Luminoso (which is my favorite blush ever) and I can say that the finish is similar. Luminoso is a lot more pigmented and actually has bigger sizes of shimmer than By Nanda. By Nanda has  really tiny shimmer, but looks a lot shinier than Luminoso. 

I hope you can see how softly flushed and healthy this looks on my cheeks.

I will say the pigmentation is not impressive. But that's also the reason why I love it. I don't love the building up (it could bi a tad more pigmented), but I love the fact that this means I get a very light shade on my cheeks. If you want something super pigmented, this is definitely not for you. I see it as a very sheer formula.

I really like it, because it is what I expected it to be. Very light, surprisingly shiny (almost highlighter like) blush. I also don't mind that it's more peachy than coral, because I prefer peach blushes. It's not super pigmented, so if you're looking for pigmentation, this is not gonna do it for you. But if you love Luminoso and highlighters and you have a light skin tone, then you'll love this. 

If you'll be buying from Born Pretty Store, you can also use my code PETRAH10 and you'll get 10% off your order.

*Product was sent to me for the review purposes.

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7 komentarji

  1. Pakiranje je res zelo lepo <3 Pa tudi kombinacija vseh treh je super :)

  2. Kakšna luptna embalaža <3

  3. I thought this was going to be a very light blush because of the white but it's actually quite pretty! :)

    1. Yeah I though so too. On the photo it looked even lighter than in person, but it works :D

  4. Izgleda ful fajn, čeprav verjetno ne bi bila zame, jaz sem bolj za heavy pigmentirane blushe. :)

    1. Ne potem res ne bi bil zate :). Jaz pa sem namerno želela nekaj zelo nežnega, ker včasih rabim kaj takega, da preveč ne izstopa z drugim makeupom :D