Review: Kahne Cosmetics Rosa Mosqueta (Rose Hip Seed Oil)


Hey Beauties!

There are usually 25% discount coupons at one of our drugstores (Tuš Drogerija) and I decided to purchase new, unknown product. I'm ashamed to say I did not know Kahne Cosmetics nor did I know it's Slovenian brand. This product really impressed me.

It's called Rosa Mosqueta and it's skin regenerating natural oil from Rose Hip Seeds. It's combined with professional dermabrasive treatment. It has a high content of vitamins and it's very nutritious. It contains retionol (provitamin A), which improves skin structure and promotes the regeneration. It is also very rich in vitamin C and non-saturated fatty acids. It says that it helps to regenerate any scars, as well as reduces stretch marks and winkles. It's also suppose to fade liver spots and help with the sun damage. Apart from all those it also should tighten the pores, smooth skin surface and remove dead cells.

It comes in what seems to be glass bottle, but it might me plastic, since it doesn't sound like glass, but it is heavy. The top is plastic. It also comes in a plastic paper box.

The pump works good and it dispenses enough product to cover the whole face. If you want smaller amount, it's a bit harder to control it.

It costs around 12€ on their official site here, but I got it for 13.74€ in Tuš Drogerija (It's also available in Mercator). You get 15 ml of it. I'm sorry, I don't know how much is this product available in foreign countries. 

One fact I love the most about this product is the ingredients list. So small, only one ingredient, which is Rose Hip Seed Oil

It's an oil, so it's naturally very greasy. It's yellow colored, but I don't seem to notice the color to be transferred on my face.  It has a pretty strong rose hip smell, which might bother some people, but I got use to it and kind of like it. I wouldn't say this is a product to use in the morning or under makeup, because it is pure oil. I would reserve it for a night time routine. That's how I do it.

The face will be greasy, but if your skin is as dry as mine is lately, it will drink up most of it. In the morning all the grease is gone. One thing that I liked immediately is that my skin felt very smooth on the surface. I also liked that it felt very moisturized. I've been using this oil over some pimple marks and I could swear that it helped to cure skin faster. I wouldn't say it helped with any wrinkles, but then again, I didn't really put it around my eyes. As for any other claims, I can't say yes or no, because I haven't been using the product long enough. However, if you want something very natural and good for your skin, this is it. 

I think this is a very versatile oil for many skin types to enjoy. It's great for dry skin, skin that needs a little boost, skin that has uneven surface and just all around pick me up. I really like this product and kind of regret that I haven't discovered it sooner. Since I was so happy with this one, I went back and also purchased their Vitamin C spray and I will report on that one, when I use it a bit more. The range has many interesting product, which I want to add in the near future. Like hyaluron serum, collagen lift, vitamin E oil and many more. So if you discovered Kahne before me, which products do you use and would recommend? 

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6 komentarji

  1. Wau nisem vedla, da imajo šipkovo olje. Jaz se trenutno slinim nad Melvitinim arganom, res je prekrasno za nego kože <3
    A je na tem kje navedeno, če je hladnostiskano?

    1. Jaz sploh nisem poznala te znamke prej:). Nič ne piše, samo o tem kako učinkuje na kožo.

  2. Lately I started using oil in my night time routine, and I LOVE my skin! I'm using the one from Oriflame and I like it :) Unfortunately we don't have this brand in Macedonia, but I would like to try it!

    1. Me to. I was a bit afraid of oils for a long time, because my skin was sometimes really oily. :) I looked on their web site and it doesn't say where they have their products. I'm sure you have many other brands that have rose hip seed oil, which is really good for the skin in general:).

  3. Imam še za porabit celo stekleničko Melvita Argan oil, ampak tale gre pa direkt na WL. Se super sliši, drugače pa tudi mene mika, da bi preiskusila kaj od Kahne, samo vedno pozabim, ker redko grem v Tuš Drogerijo...

    1. Kako ti je všeč Melvitino olje? Mislim, da ti bo od Khane tudi všeč. Se mi zdi tako olje, kjer bo vsak našel nekaj dobrega zase. Jaz pa vedno ko pridem v Tuš se spomnim na Khane in potem vedno nekaj brskam med njihovimi izdelki:)