Bow jewelry


Lately, I was really enjoying making my own jewelry. I like any kind of chain jewelry, rings, bracelets and many more. I've tried to make this bow design out of regular clay and it was a pain in the a**. Fortunately, I "discovered" art store and modelling clay.

For this jewelry design I had in mind some pastel colors, so I picked peach and mint modelling clay. Each was around 1,60€. In my opinion it's very cheap, since you can make a lot out of it.

Bow design

To make a bow I took a small peace of clay and rolled it into a ball. Then I rolled it into cylinder. I can't find a better word for this shape. But you know what I mean - a long stick. Each end I thinned out a bit, so that it won't stick out in the back. Then I used a glass jar to roll over and flatten it.

Then I rolled each end together. I turned the model around and with a knife draw on two lines to represent the crease of the bow. After that I just squeezed the model in the middle.

I took another small peace of clay, rolled it into a ball, then a stick and flattened it. I rolled it over the middle part of the bow. And that is it. Then all I did was baked it in the oven as it was instructed on the clay.

Really simple design and easy to make. After that I played around with the clay. Created some multicolor bows and some other things. You can see below, that I went a bit overboard. When I start something I just can't stop :). It was so much fun doing it. Just a small advice long nails and clay - not the best match. Make sure that you won't stick your nails into designs.

When my designs cooled down I went on to decorating them. I used nail polishes to create glitter on bows and made them shiny with clear top coat. I added chains, studs, beads and many more.

I incorporated bow designs into making bow bracelets, bow rings, bow key chain and bow necklace.  Wow...what didn't I do? Oh yeah, earrings: )).

Bow bracelets

Bow rings

Bow key chain

Bow necklace

I also did a fox ring, because I once saw some in the stores and really wished it, but it was way too expensive. So, I did my own inspired one :).

Have you ever tried making your own jewelry? Would you wear any of my designs?

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  1. Ravno odkrila tvoj blog in je super! Ti sledim :)
    Pa ful lepo! Se že en čas spravljam spet ustvarjat nakit pa se mi pozimi nič ni dalo. Mogoče bom zdaj bolj produktivna :)

    Deja Zu

    1. Hvala:) Samo začet moraš znova, potem itak ne boš mogla nehat, hehe:)

  2. Your nails look great by the way!
    Great posts!
    V xx

    Check out my new blog:

  3. Firstly i'm your new follower - I love your blog wall paper - just what I like to see - lots of glitter!! Secondly I'm loving all that bow jewellery mega cute! Look forward to keeping up with your posts lovely. Laura xxx A Scottish Lass

  4. super luštkano, sploh tele pentljice, bi nosila tako ogrlico kot zapestnico in prstane!

    1. So preveč sladke, da bi se jim uprl;)